About The Breeze

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Our Trolleys

The Breeze's green and gray trolleys combine the nostalgic features of the turn-of-the-century passenger street car with the modern technology of today’s transit advancements. Each trolley has nostalgic wood interiors, a bike rack with space for two bikes, free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and plenty of comfortable wood seating with additional space for standees. The trolleys are operated by our regional public transportation system, The Lowcountry Regional Transportation Authority.  Trolley Operators are safe and highly trained, and they also serve as ambassadors for Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry.

Enhancing the Hilton Head Island Experience

The Breeze trolleys are intended to greatly enhance the Hilton Head Island experience for both our guests and residents.  Like the trademark breezes you experience on our internationally recognized beaches, The Breeze is easy, cool, and refreshing.  Our trolleys connect you to some of the most popular destinations on "America's Favorite Island": shopping and groceries, world-class restaurants, the beach, movie theatres, the arts and culture, and a host of Island activities and adventures.  We accomplish all of this while reducing congestion and the carbon footprint along some of the Island's busiest thoroughfares.

Logo Design

Like our trolley service itself, the logo design for The Breeze is a combination of classic and new.  Contrasting fonts give this logo an edge. To go with the look and feel of Hilton Head Island, the colors of the logo were chosen to reflect the breezes our guests and residents experience at our beaches.  The shades of gray and silver in the top breeze represent the fresh air of our skies. The shades of blue in the middle breeze represents the ocean waters. The brown to tan gradient in the bottom breeze represents the sand on the beach. Gradients in the breezes, as well as in the word "Breeze," allows for more colors to be incorporated into our brand and gives a more accurate representation of the flow of our trademark breezes.


The Breeze is owned and operated by the Lowcountry Regional Transportation Authority, headquartered in nearby Bluffton, SC, where our trolleys are stored and maintained.  The Breeze is made possible with the support of the Federal Transit Administration, the South Carolina Department of Transportation, and the Town of Hilton Head Island.