How to Ride


The fare is $1 per person, per trip, regardless of the destination.

Children who are shorter than the fare box (43 inches) may ride for free.

To prepay for fares download BreezePass from the App Store or Google Play.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited on the Breeze:

Animals (with the exception of service animals)

Beach carts

Open strollers (must be folded down to access trolley)

Inflated beach/pool floats

Eating, drinking, smoking, and firearms are strictly prohibited on The Breeze

Lost and Found

The Breeze will have a spot designated for items left behind on the trolley.

Lost and Found Items can be picked up at the following address:

25 Benton Field Road Bluffton, SC 29910



Children and Families

The Breeze is a trolley that is very family friendly. We encourage parents and grandparents to Catch The Breeze with their children and grandchildren. We ask that children be supervised at all times for their safety and the safety of other passengers. Children should be seated when possible. Infants should be removed from strollers and carseats and held in the lap of guardian. Strollers must be folded and stowed when Catching The Breeze.

trolley rules

Trolley Rules

Rule #1: Safety

Rule #2: Like any breeze, The Breeze should be cool, easy, and refreshing.  We want you to have fun!

Rule #3: Please respect the prohibited items list above.

Rule #4: Please remain seated and supervise your children and belongings.  If standing, please hold on to the hand straps.

Rule #5: Just like every location on the Island, please respect all Town laws and regulations.